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ISB2LAN - These instructions work for all Nexland products except where noted.

1. How do I install the ISB2LAN to one computer (Works for a LAN that uses crossover cables and no Hub).

1) Uninstall EnterNet and or WinPoET.

Note: If you are using a Mac, please reinstall your OT.

2) Connect a crossover Ethernet cable (Cross-wired RJ-45) from the LAN port on the ISB2LAN to your Ethernet card (the main card, not the LAN card). On the newer models, i.e.: SOHO, Pro models use a straight through cable to the WAN (or Modem) port on the router.
3) Connect a straight through Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to your Cable or DSL modem.
4) Install the ISB2LAN floppy disks.
5) Set your Ethernet card (connected to the ISB2LAN) to obtain an IP automatically.

a) Right click on "Network Neighborhood"
b) Choose "Properties"
c) Choose the TCP/IP stack bound to your Ethernet card -Screen shot
d) Then select the "IP Address" tab
e) Then check "Obtain an IP address automatically" - Screen shot
f) Reboot

6) Open your browser.

Note: You must have no proxy info in your browser properties and have "Never dial a connection" selected in your browser options.

7) Point your browser to
8) From the main screen choose "PPPoE"

a) Input your user name@whatever.whatever - Screen shot
b) Input your password and verify it - Screen shot
c) Leave the IP address as is unless you have a static IP from your ISP. - Screen shot
d) Enable "Connect on demand" - Screen shot
e) Set "Idle Timeout min" to 0

9) Click on the "Save" button
10) Reboot
11) Surf away

2. Do Nexland Products support PPTP?

Yes, they supports PPTP. It also supports L2TP, and IPsec VPNs. The ISB2LAN supports all these VPNs through both PPPoE, static IP and DHCP connection types

3. Do Nexland Products support IPSec?

Yes. For more info click here.

4. My ISB2LAN times out frequently.

You may want to set the Timeout to "0" seconds and turn on "Reconnect on demand".

5. Does the ISB2LAN come with a 4 port hub?

Yes it does now.

6. How do I install the ISB WaveBase (these instructions work on all Nexland Routers other then the ISB2LAN).

1) Make sure your PC's Ethernet card is set to DHCP is you are connecting this device directly to your PC. For Wireless make sure your Wireless card has it's ESSID set to "My Network"
2) Shut down your PC
3) Insert the supplied PCMCIA card into the "Wireless" slot on the back of the router
4) Plug in the router and turn it on.
5) Plug a straight through Ethernet cable from your Broadband modem into the "Modem" port on the front of the router
6) Plug the wired PC using a straight through Ethernet cable in to one of the ports labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the front of the router. Or boot up the wireless PC and confirm your wireless card is communicating with the router
7) Launch your browser
8) In the "Address" bar in your browser type"" -> Hit "Enter"
9) Click on the "Advanced PPPoE" link
10) Enter 0 for "Idle Time Out" -> Make sure "Connect on Demand" is checked off
11) Enter your userid as provided by your ISP in the "User Name" section. Note: you may need to include your ISP's domain as part of your userid. Example: For Verizon customers it would be userid@verizon.net
12) Enter your password as provided by your ISP in the "Password" section -> Enter it again in "Verify"
13) Click "Save All"
14) Click on "Main Setup"
15) Click "Enabled" under "PPPoE enable only"
16) Click "Save" -> Router will reboot
17) Click Main Setup -> "Connection Status" should say connected
18) Surf Away

7. How do I change the MTU in a Nexland router?

1) Launch your browser
2) In the "Address" bar in your browser type"" -> Hit "Enter"
3) Click on "Expert Level"
4) Edit the "MTU Wan Port", default is 1472 do not go any higher then 1492.
5) Click "Save"

8. How do I configure my Mac with an Apple Airport card for use with the ISB WaveBase?

OS 9 with Airport card
1) Go to Your Apple Menu
2) Click on "Airport"
3) Click on the drop down menu beside "Choose Network" -> Select "My Network"
4) Click "File" menu -> Select "Quit"
5) Go to your Apple Menu -> "Control Panel" -> Click "TCP/IP"
6) Click "Connect Via" drop down menu -> Click Airport"
7) Click "Configure" drop down menu -> Click "Using DHCP Server"
8) Close that window -> Click "Save"
9) Surf Away!

OS X & 10.1 with Airport card
1) Boot in OS X or 10.1
2) Open "System Preferences" from your Dock
3) Double click "Network:
4) Select "airport" in the "Show" drop down menu
5) In the "TCP/IP" tab click the drop down menu for "Configure" -> Choose "DHCP"
6) Click on "Airport" tab -> select "My Network" in the "Preferred Network" drop down menu
7) Click "Apply Now"
8) Close "System Preferences"
9) Surf Away!

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