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1. How do I set up the Intel AnyPoint to share my PPPoE based Highspeed connection (xDSL or Cable)?
Note: These steps are for both the Server and Client Machines

1. Install the hardware as per your Intel instruction booklet.
2. Boot your PC with the new hardware.
3. Walk through the New Hardware setup prompted by Windows.
4. Reboot (as prompted by Windows)
5. You must log in to Windows.
6. Install the software from the Intel CD.

Note: These steps are for the Server only (PC with the Internet connection).

1. Run through the install program until it asks you about ISS (Internet Sharing Software). Click OK.
2. Choose Server.
3. Run through install as prompted.
4. Reboot.
5. Go to your Start menu, then Programs, then "Intel AnyPoint Network".
6. Choose "Internet Sharing Server"
7. Select the "Settings" tab.
8. You have a drop down menu "ISP Account You Want To Use" If using EnterNet or Access Manager choose "DSL service or cable modem". If using DUN based PPPoE client (such as WinPoET) select the appropriate DUN listed. - Screen shot
9. Then click "Accept Changes"
10. Close that window (ISS Server icon should remain in your System Tray).
11. Connect to the Internet with the method you selected in step 8.
12. If you connect properly you will notice that when you open the ISS Server from your System Tray, then choose the "Status" tab.
13. It should say "The Server is: Connected to the ISP."
14. You are ready to go. Surf away!

Note: If during the install you get a warning of "Microsoft Only allows 4 instances of IPX/SPX" then:
1. Exit the software install (or complete it, but don't reboot)
2. Go into your "Control Panel" then "Network"
3. Then scroll down until you see any instances of IPX/SPX remove all but the one bound to your Dialup Adapter.
4. Then remove the "Intel AnyPoint Phoneline Internal Adapter".
5. Then reboot as prompted by Microsoft.
6 Then start back at Question 1. step number 5.
Note: These steps are for the Client only (PC that has to share the Internet connection from your server).
1. Run through the install program until it asks you about ISS (Internet Sharing Software). Click OK.
2. Choose Client.
3. Run through install as prompted.
4. Edit your MTU values as per question 17 and 18 here.
5. Reboot.
6. Surf away (as long as the server is running).
2) Stalling problem caused by the Intel PCI card.
The fix is to assign an IP address to the Intel card. Assign a local IP and subnet mask of

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